FC Barcelona 0 – 3 Bayern Munich: Bavarian giants humilate Catalans at Camp Nou

The cheerful atmosphere that greeted initial proceedings at the Nou Camp were soon silenced in the 33rd minute when Thomas Muller gave Bayern Munich the lead in the first half.

Although FC Barcelona threatened to bite afterwards, it was Lewandoski who struck before the hour mark to land the Bavarian giants their second goal of the night.

Both teams played to their best ability, coming close to scoring at different times but ending up misplacing or losing it. Despite the changes made in the second half of the game by Koeman, it did little to stop the impending defeat.

In the 85th minute of the match, Lewandoski struck again to finish off the game in Bayern Munich favor, making a comeback impossible for the Catalans.

The match amongst other things would have taught Koeman a valuable lesson against top opponents and how to properly set up against them this season with the right strategy and in-game match reading.

However, the defeat may also have put a strong doubt on the longevity of the manager at Camp Nou going further.

Obviously, Ronald Koeman can’t win a big match as it stands, and that may spell doom for Barca going forward.

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