My Africa

Take a stroll through life and count your blessings and lessons. Let it be measured not by how many breaths you take or by living a life devoid of errors.

We all make mistakes, but some folks miss to take corrections. Live your life, dream big and chase those dreams with naked determination. The only cloth you should wear is courage.

Nature has perfected everything about you so don’t hold communion with fools. Making sense is a science the fools failed to perfect. They hardly look beyound their sun baked imaginations. Take a leap of faith, surge on.

In our choicest state of euphoria, many forget the very basics of life. We breathe-in life. We are life, we lose that when we take it for granted not knowing it is rented, not with money, but for the temporariness that it is.

Cherish each day, treasure each moment spent. Give meaning to it and discard the irrelevance. Lock your memories in a vault and remember everyone has a fault.

I have rented a galaxy in my heart. That’s where I built my Africa. My root, the orgin of my ancestral core. My Africa is not measured with skyscrapers but by dreams that grows taller as days rolls through time. Deep within I see my Africa shimmering with goodness.

I have paid my dues. I have made sacrifices that should suffice. Black is not just a hue. A wise man once gave me a clue, that the way through is to follow that which is true, and pay that which is due. No ship sails successful without a crew and in a kangaroo’s court, justice is in a queue like the poor waiting in line at a public loo.

In the midst of distress we push for progress. Our dreams are not creamed to a spot. Nor shall we regress or digress. Don’t be confused or fuse your expectation on stagnant plots. We are not hopelessly hoping upon hope. We will surely cope and that’s dope.

Down the Sahara, I trail the footprints of great men. Greatness means to endure the cactus trail and live to tell the tall tales. In my Savannah there I plant my dreams. Dreams rooted in fertility, I water my expectations with my ambitions.

Standing at Mount Kilimanjaro, we will never lose sight of the top. Hop up, take a leap. Look up; Forget the wrinkles and leaky patches of yesterday. Press yourself beyond the boundaries of your limitations.

Push up. We are the world. A reflection of a revolving existence. A testament to greatness. We are not just Africa, we are the heartbeat of humanity. The dying ember to the greens of mother earth. We are the drum to the beats of life.

Wait, have you seen the Nile? There, the sun basks with a smile under the fading shadows of the trees. At every turn, we define our existence and nature always tends to give meaning to it.

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