Starve your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

The mind is aware of a lot at once that focusing on a single thing is always going to be a difficult ask. Being awake keeps everything the mind knows before it’s own face.

Being aware of a lot of things creates too many distractions. This may cause one to lose focus instead of utilizing the cognitive ability of their own mind profitably.

There are a lot of ways to identify distractions, and most of the time they’re unnecessary stressors. If you don’t eliminate them, they will bug you down eventually and mislead your mind, probably dumbing down your intellect unceremoniously.

For easy recall, a distraction is something that is probably hindering you from achieving something. This is like saving for a house for five years, then on the night before the final execution of the deed, your friend informs of a “sure banker” altcoin that will surpass Bitcoin price in the next 1hr. Apparently, his source had insider knowledge.

Although the situation might seem like a dilemma, I think it would really be bad decision making if the person went ahead to invest in the altcoin despite having a purpose for the money ab initio.

This is one of the clearest ways distractions can come I guess.
However, no matter the form distractions takes, you have to starve it of attention. Feeding it with your attention is going to give it a breeding ground in your mind. In this form, it now resides at a corner of your psyche you can’t even control anymore.

For instance, psychologists say that one of the best ways to let go of chronic addictions is to replace it with something else. This is because, addiction messes up your mind and creates dependence on the source it comes from. Because the mind is now addicted to what you are feeding it, it looses focus on the actual things that should be your priority, e.g. your health.

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