La Liga’s CVC Deal Cost Barca Lionel Messi – VP

FC Barcelona faithfuls were forced to live a dreaded moment of the club’s history in the most bizarre transfer.

Prior to Lionel Messi’s exit from Barca, La Liga announced that it had struck a deal with CVC Investment Company who has agreed to buy up to 10% stake in La Liga. For their stake, they agreed to advance La Liga teams some fund’s to help cushion the Covid-19 inspired financial constraints faced by club’s, Barca inclusive.

It seemed like a good deal at the time. This was mostly because FC Barcelona was struggling to come up with funds to register Messi and other players the club got on free transfers due to their financial mess.

After struggling to meet up with their financial burden, the football world was met by an unexpected news from Barca that Messi was leaving the club.

During a recent little chitchat, Barca’s financial vice-president, Eduard Romeu shed some light on the circumstances surrounding the Argentine’s exit. According to him –

“It was unfeasible to sign the deal with CVC, this is important for the members and the fans to know. They said they would let us register Messi in exchange for us accepting the deal,” – Eduard Romeu.

The club’s VP expressed dissatisfaction with the way La Liga treated the whole deal, citing that La Liga could have sent in the deal earlier for review by them. He said that Barca was put on the spot when La Liga transmitted the said deal with CVC and expected them to sign almost instantly and transmit back to them.

Eduard Romeu, Barca’s VP

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that the trio of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao are officially contesting the said CVC deal.

In their official joint official statement, they said –

“Athletic Club, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF wish to announce that they have contested the resolution adopted by the La Liga Assembly on 12 August 2021, in relation to the deal between La Liga and CVC.

“The agreement violates the provisions of the applicable regulations (and in particular, the Royal Decree-Law 5/2015) and it was adopted within the framework of a procedure that is grossly irregular and disrespectful to the minimum guarantees required for these purposes, especially in a deal of such importance and scope.”

In their defense, La Liga’s governing body said –

“It’s surprising they’re challenging something that doesn’t actually affect them. They would only benefit from the growth of La Liga in the coming years,

“La Liga has the support for the agreement from 39 of the 42 clubs that make up the league. We will continue working with CVC on this project, which we are confident is good for La Liga and the clubs.”

According to La Liga, 39 teams has ratified the contract with CVC which is worth €2.2 billion. The investment company will receive 11 per cent of revenue generated from La Liga’s TV rights over the next 50 years in exchange for investing in the league.

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