Saturday Morning Reflections

When Someone tells You they were Moved by a “Holy Spirit” and what you should do.

We live in a society where charlatans desecrate anything they can get their hands on, spin it around and put a “God” imprint on it to fleece people of their sense, before landing on the actual prize – the money!

One of the most famous ones is the “Holy Spirit” related tales. Apparently, they somehow figured out how the said spirit works and a certain God has given them power to wield this “Holy Ghost” as they please, casting out demons and breaking unbreakable yokes through it.

But, here is my 1kobo thought on what you should do when someone mentions “Holy Spirit” near you. When they do, PLEASE run far away from that person as if a deranged Tiger is in pursuit. That’s a psycho right there!

If they are in a gathering, that’s the coming together of indoctrinated mental peeps who don’t know they’re crazy yet.

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