What is the Obsession with “Human Soul”

If no one has gone to the other side and came back to tell the tale, how did the subject of soul become a discuss among humans?

There so many things that instantly comes to mind. At the top of the list is the realization of the fact that you don’t know what happens next. As much as we like to dread the subject, reality often wins, but we want to live forever.

Because we don’t want the memories of our existence to fade into oblivion, it’s easier to make ourselves believe there is somewhere else we are going. Hence, the human soul discuss.

When you take a comprehensive look at most religions and cultures, it is ever present and manifests by gradually shaping what the people eventually come to believe.

So, it doesn’t even matter the race or tribe, the notion is all the same everywhere. Hence, soul longings presents itself in ideologies and doctrines promulgated as truth.

The movie industries are cashing out billions each year exploring stories centred around the righteous and unrighteous souls; demons and wizards; afterlife and forever after, heaven and hell, God and Satan; and finally, Supernatural – the series and all it’s spews.

The obsession is everywhere as it turned out. Unfortunately, obsessions are bad, no matter how good the intention is.

This write up doesn’t acknowledge the human soul but is used to hit the point home since the word “soul” is not based on any known provable scale. Soul is obviously an obsession created by longing for eternal life and immortality.

Exterior view of Paradise.
Inside Paradise, everything is so Beautiful.
Some Beautiful landscapes in Paradise.
Animals finally live in Harmony inside Paradise.

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