Enki, the Modern Satan?

Although the Joyofsatan group adopted Enki as the king of demons, it turns out that he is a God widely worshipped in the past by the Sumerians and Mesopotamians.

Brief History of Enki, the Annunaki

Enki has been a permanent feature in early Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture and religion, dating as far back as 5400 BCE according to some history books.

Looking at excerpts from worldhistory.org, we see that –
Along with Anu and Enlil, Enki made up an early Mesopotamian triad governing the high heavens, atmosphere, and earth. He is also listed among the earliest seven Sumerian deities in the god’s list which also includes Anu, Enlil, Ninhursag, Utu, Nanna, and Inanna.”

He is often depicted as a bearded man wearing a long  robe. But what makes Enki special and grand among his worshippers in ancient times is his alleged mighty powers –

“Enki was the Sumerian god of wisdom, fresh water, intelligence, trickery and mischief, crafts, magic, exorcism, healing, creation, virility, fertility, and art.”

Apparently, he is a well respected craftsman who is multi-talented and therefore has the power to help a lot of adherents who call on him. He is also seen as the God of creation, and is touted to have used his massive knowledge of anatomy to create humans.

Characteristics of Enki worshipped by Joyofsatan Group

They pretty much admitted that the Satan worshipped by them is also the Sumerian God, Enki or EA as he is known in some quaters. With that said, it is not confusing why the Joyofsatan Ministries would choose this God to be the literal depiction of Satan whom they adore.

The major characteristics of the Sumerian Enki makes for a good read and therefore can easily be used to preach, enforce and sustain different mystical beliefs.

Conspiracy Theories surrounding Enki and Satan

Well, Satan’s name is not new to pop culture, since it goes hand in hand with the name “God”. However, it would seem that Enki though popular, may not be mainstream and hence the myth around the name.

Together with his Father Anu, and his brother Enlil, Enki and the Annunaki ruled the world and the God’s for ages.
Enki himself has been acknowledged as king of the Gods due to his vast powers and superior knowledge.

There is also another tale of Enki contained in 14 tablets which are rumoured to contain important knowledge about him and his life, including his powers and how to tap into it.

It was this knowledge that the Joy of Satan Group (who now go by “SatanisGod”) has apparently tapped into to make him a revered being to be worshipped in their platform.

Apart from full acknowledgement as God, they also developed a new spiritual satanism to glorify him, including how people who want to reach Enki can dedicate their soul to him and be in his protection.

It is yet unclear whether they are just doing the classic Satanist religious mock with this. However, it is obvious they actually believe in Enki and that he is present day Satan. They think he a lovely God and want many people to give Enki (Satan) a try too if they can.


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