BBNAIJA 2021: Angel the Marketer and her Ghost Supporters

Saskay, Angel, Emmanuel, Yousef were previously nominated for a possible eviction notice in the past week after Jackie B and JayPaul left the house.

However, Angel pulled a stunt during the week which was condemned nationally. But, obviously and deep down, they want her to continue what she was doing.

She is the real entertainment as it is turning out. Because of this, she was saved from yesterday’s live Eviction Show by her ghost supporters once again.

Talking about the stunt she pulled, the alleged 21yr old housemate went viral last week after pulling up her clothes in front of the camera to show viewer’s everything she has.

The act even made another housemate, Whitemoney to instantly say that “Angel is a marketer”. But, for who?

Obviously, we don’t know them but they have been consistent in telling that they absolutely love all that the beautiful Angel is doing in the house.

Of course for the sake of image, it’s unlikely that she will win the big prize. But, hey why not use her for entertainment while she is still in the house.

After all, the theme this year is “Shine Ya Eyes” and everyone knows only one person will win the big prize. But, as they say, you are in front of the entertainment market as it turned out. Best to use it right?

Reacting to Saskay’s eviction, Pere said –

Saskay eviction shocked me, so they picked Angel over Saskay, it’s really shocking.

“I’m not saying Angel is not smart but Saskay is brilliant and intelligent, she does not even act like a 21-year-old.

“She acts so mature like a 28-year-old and very creative, didn’t see that coming.”

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