Video: Nigerians React as Retired Policemen Protest Unpaid Pension in Front of National Assembly

Some retired officers of the Nigerian police went to the National Assembly yesterday to protest their unpaid pensions and gratuity.
Their main grouse is with the Contributory Pension Scheme.

According to the protesting force men, the scheme is making officers wallow in poverty as they are earning poor pensions despite serving their fatherland for more than three decades.

One of them was seen recanting in the video that he has served in all 36 states States of the federation, but has nothing to show for his service.

However, citizens have not taken it lightly, reminding that they’re the reasons why what is happening to them exists. Some cited that the retired policemen were part of the problem in Nigeria, stating that they allowed politicians use them to harass citizens fighting for a justice and equity.

Speaking further, some said it would really be cool to see the politicians they submitted allegiance to, deploy serving officers to harass and disperse them like they use to do other citizens during their time.

The situation once again shows the decadence in one of the country’s foremost force. However, citizens continue to wonder why the force shield people whose only aim is to defraud the populace, setting them up against themselves while they run the country aground.

The corruption in the police force has made citizens apprehensive of them, thereby making it hard to know the good and the bad.

Obviously, you cannot believe that every Nigerian police officer is bad, that will be a fallacy. But, it seems the bad eggs are usually the ones making the headlines all the time, thereby painting the force in a bad way.

Hence, when people lament of the ill treatments they received, it always seems like every one of them is bad.

That notwithstanding, every labourer deserves their wages. This people has served their fatherland in one of the most volatile careers anyone can ever have.

The Federal Government should ensure that pensions of ex-service men are paid them as at when due. This are people with family and dependants who rely on them for support.

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