Anthony Joshua was Rushed to the Hospital after Oleksandr Usyk’s Brutal Face Punch

Anthony Joshua was almost knocked out last night by former Cruiserweight Champion, Oleksandr Usyk in a unified Heavyweight match at White Hart Lane. In a heated fight that saw the gong save AJ from a potential knockout, Oleksandr was awarded a unanimous win by the judges.

However, from the 9th round of the fight, it was evident AJ has lost steam and was just holding on. Oleksandr Usyk started and ended the fight with brutal punches that got it’s mark, including a punch that almost destroyed AJ’s eye socket.

Promoter, Eddie Hearn said –

“I don’t know if he has broken his eye socket, it doesn’t look great. He will go to hospital.”

According to Hearn, AJ informed him he barely saw anything after the 9th around –

“He said he couldn’t see after the ninth round, obviously he was getting tagged a lot as well.

“His power looked like it had left him, the tank was empty and it was only heart which kept him on his feet in the 12th round.”

Anthony Joshua will have another shot at his lost titles in a mandatory rematch soon.

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