The Importance of Identifying Where You Belong

Knowing one’s place in life is an advantage. It is probably the very fabric of the sum total of all an individual is going to do with their life and moulds the consequent interaction with the larger society that follows it.

Most people rely on outside validation to influence where they eventually end up in life. It’s like waiting for the breeze to blow, and wherever it lands the individual, they pick up from there and say its fate. However, this comes from a misconception in the person’s interpretation of events.

The best way to know what the future holds for you is to create it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create a bright future without fully recognizing and identifying where you belong in life. Achieving all you ever dreamed of in life is not going to fill you if you are not at peace with your inner self. This stems from the fact that human beings are social beings by nature, and a lack of certain interactions will trigger a lot of unknown impulses that end up making the person feeling out of place all the time.

The inability to understand where one belongs will always lead to emotional and psychological crisis. However, it is pertinent to note that outside the social structure, where you belong will always make you feel comfortable when you enter regardless of who you are. It creates a peace of mind and you are at home; it is your safe space.

Most people will practically not indulge in things that don’t feel like their thing because they know it doesn’t fit in with their ideology. If something doesn’t align with your views, automatically it may mean that you don’t belong there. Yet, it doesn’t make the thing bad just because it’s not your thing. But, it will save you a lot of future turmoil’s and unnecessary waste of time over things you actually don’t care about. It saves you energy for more important things you are actually comfortable with. For example, an individual who comes from a poor family and wants to uplift them must understand what it takes to do that and give it their all no matter what. Sportsmen are very at this.

A lot of societies are unjustly caste, especially with the level of economic power an individual can attain in their life time. Therefore, this makes it imperative that the earlier one figures out where they actually fit in the social strata, the better. Identification of this vital but often neglected aspect of everyday life is essential to living a fulfilled life.

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