Nigerian scam

5 Popular Nigerian Scams That will Fool You

There are lots of scam formats out there. Some are well known, while there are many unknown ones. But, at the end of the day, the goal is to steal your money or property through you. The main target and chief psychological propeller is greed on behalf of the victims.

This doesn’t mean there are people who were erroneously scammed because they actually didn’t think things through properly. Some of the time, it may be that the victims didn’t have the adequate information or knowledge to accurately determine what is going on.

Despite the popularity of all the formats, people have continued to fall victim to them though. We do hope that this article helps gives you some perspectives. Below are the popularly known ones.


The list will be incomplete without this famous scam technique. It does come in different variation, But regardless of the style or format it takes, the story is the same and the end game is to scam you of your hard earned money.

It usually follows this format; a person from nowhere befriends you online or physically. After a sizing you up for a while, they will tell you of a story about their sudden large inheritance from a past relative or family member.

They spin the story so well that you are made to believe that you just probably hit a goldmine by friends with them at this critical point in their life. They may be letting you in on how the legal process to claim the inheritance is going, probably even telling you to put them in your prayers so that corrupt relatives or officials don’t hijack the inheritance from them.

After a week, they will probably tell you that the processing is taking too long and that they are almost exhausted financially, stating that it remains for a certain official to sign off. They will even give you a date when they will finally claim their inheritance.

All this may take up to a month or more since ordinarily, if someone is moving too fast with certain things, it may create some red flags. This is just an example of the early psychological works they may take time to work on the potential victim and you will possibly never realize what is being done. In the end though, the main purpose is to prime your mind to believe that they are actually getting an inheritance.

They may even chip in that they will surely visit you or send you something once they get it. But, don’t get carried away. Somewhere along the line, they are always going to stylishly ask you to send them money to solve a sudden hiccup and get their fantasy inheritance.


The courier scam is very rampant and has continued to endure due to the seemingly innocent way the scheme is planned. All of a sudden, you get a friend request, usually on Facebook but not limited to it. The request is usually in reversed gender roles since the format don’t care about the sex of the individual; the goal is all the same.

Cardboard boxes on the door mat near the entrance door

After establishing a cool relationship with you (that must surely include beautiful pictures of them, mostly stolen pictures of foreigners) they will then make their pitch. They will usually start by telling you how they no longer have use for their iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Samsung G10, HP Envy, HP Specter, PS5, etc. They will also ask you if you need them, promising that they will simply send it through a courier service at no cost to you.

If you agree, that’s when the second phase of the business begins. The next day, they will probably tell you they have sent it across and send you what looks like an authentic courier service receipt. The receipt will include details of everything that has been sent to you, including additional sum of money (usually in Pounds, Euro or Dollars). There will also be a number attached to the fake receipt of your clearing agent at the airport or courier office location.

Unsuspecting victims wowed by all that has been sent to them will most likely call the number to know what’s up. Meanwhile, the sweetheart that loves you so much and sent you all those wonderful gadgets will continue to subtly engage with you. In the end, the scammer agent will tell you to send in a certain amount of money (usually a cheap fee) so that he can immediately send you the gadgets through a local courier service nearest to you or a driver.

Alternatively, they will tell you to visit the courier service office which is usually located far from where you are. Cheap scam format, yet works like magic on greedy peeps.


This mostly applies to when a phone appears too good to be true at a ridiculously low price. It’s carried out around popular phone markets. As a warning though, when making purchases around phone markets, always ensure to buy from a store and get a receipt.

They will usually monitor the unsuspecting victims because making their approach. They will start by inquiring the type of phone you want to buy. Once you tell them, they will inform you they have it in their shop that is around the corner. However, what they do is just repackage old phones in new cases and sell it to unsuspecting buyers as new ones. A lot of people have been scammed by this.


Greed is usually the driving factor behind this type of scams, and they usually do it through people you know. This is also the format with the highest modifications so far, and can come in varied styles.

In its earlier days, victims were usually given substances that alter their mind and make them spill things about their family. Once they get the knowledge they are seeking for, they will make you undergo a fake ritual and tell you that until you do certain things they tell you to do, you will likely die. Then they will go ahead and tell you to go steal money from your house and bring for them, usually with a promise that it will be doubled and that they will give you back the one you brought to them and extra dough for your worries. They may even show you someone who recently did the same and got rich.

Of course, in the country, the usual way to reset the person’s brain is with a heavy slap; the one that creates stars in your face.

Again, it can be more sophisticated. There is another scheme they apply, a multi-diverse intelligent format that may even take unsuspecting people by surprise. They will call you and then claim to be a certain friend you met somewhere or someone you know. Then, they will proceed to tell you about how they were let in on a government job to secure oil pipelines. They will tell you that their role is to secure certain specific number of monitoring equipment’s to be installed at pipeline installations at some areas in the Niger Delta.

Once they have gotten your attention, you will be told that they are running the deal with the departmental head and don’t want a lot of people to know about it. If you ask them how come they are not running the stuff with someone close to them, they will tell you one sweet cock and bull story that will end up with your location being the place of the company that will run the supply for them. You will then be informed that you are going to serve as the middleman.

They will go on to list what you will benefit from the deal by telling you how the thing works. From their story, they will likely tell you that they have concluded on the price of the materials and that they will be purchasing like 150 sets of the monitoring equipment. The 150 sets will be at N100,000 per set and that you guys will get at least N35,000 from each set. Sounds legit right?

Wait till they tell you how a bird flew to America and gave birth and that the seller has agreed to send one sample for you to check out. Upon verification, then one of them will fly in to complete the deal. They will even tell you to arrange a hotel and babes for the person (usually a fake Alhaji) who will also speak with you once his time in the scheme is on.

The alleged seller will probably call you to tell you that he is the supplier and that he has been adequately informed about the whole thing. When you ask for the sample, he will confirm that he has them and that he will send it to you. However, he will hint to you that a certain amount will be deposited in first before a sample will be released to you guys, citing company policy. As soon as the fake seller is off the phone, the chief instigator will mostly call you back and ask you about your discussion with the supplier.

Once you mention that they are requesting for payment to be made first before sample will be sent, he will start encouraging you to make the payment. He will even suggest that you guys should split it so that it does not weigh much on you. He will also remind and reassure that with the expected gains you will make from the deal, the money you spent won’t even matter. Use your head!


In the world of scams, Ponzi schemes are king. First of all, any money making platform that offers to double your investment within the shortest possible time (24hrs – 48hrs) should raise a red flag. Unfortunately, ponzi schemes have continued to dupe people who for some reason have refused to learn.

Again, like was said in the beginning, greed is the leading cause of reasons why Ponzi schemes continue to pull one over people that patronize them. They mere fact that you can easily put in your money and get it doubled in days must be really tempting even to people who should know better. Also, seeing someone you know (usually an early bird or part of the larger scheme) benefit will most likely reassure you. But, reality is often disappointing.

So, there you have it. Honorable mention goes to the ones who will always call you or send you a text message that you need to upgrade your bank details in line with new CBN directives.

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