Never Allow Someone get Comfortable with Disrespecting You

It does feel unbecoming when one is faced with acts of disrespect regardless of the situation or from whom it comes from.

The bad side of allowing disrespect to fly for the first time is that you may not be able to control same in the future and so decide to start letting things slide.

Some people are wired to take advantage of people who let things slide. But, it doesn’t get better from there. Sooner than later, the same things you have been allowing will start to be a source of worry in your relationship with the person.

As soon as you see the sign, like when they start becoming full of themselves and intentionally disrespect you, just nip it in the bud. It’s your duty not to allow someone get comfortable with disrespecting you. You got to be selfish with your self worth, it is all you have.

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