People who Don’t Think Big will Always lack Capacity to Conceptualize Possibilities

It’s hard to imagine the extent of possibilities. This mostly stems from the inability of the human mind to fully grasp the core details of the universe and what we really are.

But, to our credit, whenever men have dared to break the yoke of impossibility, more possibilities are created. The drive to see more, to discover what is on the other side of a spectrum is one of the driving factors behind the voyage into discovering what is possible.

Unfortunately, people who can’t dare to leap beyond their current limit in logic will always find it hard to conceptualize the limit of possibilities. Literally speaking, your logic is exhausted when you fail to see beyond your nose. This is the point the individual steers towards assumptions and lies to make up for what their mind cannot think though.

Looking at the universe today, it will be self harm to limit your thoughts to what you managed to get by from family and friends, the safe net that is. In the wider range of thought acquisition, you can’t limit your knowledge and experience to what you have learnt. Learning involves a process of learning, unlearning and relearning.

Therefore, to think that what you know is the end of the things anyone needs to know about it, it’s self deceit which will ultimately turn the individual into a fool in the company of people whose thought capacity knows no bounds. This is because, and let’s face it, it’s impossible to fully understand the extent of what is possible.

If men weren’t obsessed with flying like birds, all gravity related breakthroughs wouldn’t have happened. Everything we see today never was, and exists because someone somewhere had the time to think about it in the ethereal, but backed it up with human logic to make it real.

Therefore, if you don’t think big, you won’t have the capacity to conceptualize the possibilities inherent in the thoughts you gave form in your mind. This also means you won’t achieve anything out of the ordinary since you can’t think beyond the thought limitations wrought by you. Your thought is your reality!

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