See What Happens When Bitten by Centipede

Seeing the slippery slimy creature crawl with it’s multiple legs on the ground mostly raises goose bumps. Then again, all the myths surrounding the poor crawlly creature and what its venom can do has not helped issues.

When the animal feels like its in danger or a hostile environment, it will attempt to sting the threat by piercing the skin with a pincer-like tip (forcipules). The sharp pointed tip is usually located in their legs closest to the head.

When stung or pierced by the forcipules, the skin will witness two red marks that will likely form a V-shape. This is as a result of the way the pincer tips are positioned.

What Happens if You Get Stung or Bitten by a Centipede?

Usually, most victims will experience extreme pain, swelling and redness at the sting point. In other people with more sensitivity to the venom, chest pain, headache, heart tremors, vomiting and nausea may be felt.

The symptoms may last from 48hrs to one week.

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