Uneven Odd Circles

In the beginning it feels like a big hole with endless spaces. You swim in it, bask in it’s infinity, everything is possible it seems as you begin to conceptualize things the way only you can decode.

From your unknown spectacles,  everything is there to reach for. Nothing could restrain the euphoric impulse to shine in the unrealistic expectations of what endless thoughts could bring.

Suddenly, the circle isn’t big enough. All the realities you assumed in your mind turns out to be constrained by things you can’t fathom where they began nor will end.

Nothing you thought was, manifested as you expect, and reality soon replaces fantasies. You are left wondering if your dream is big enough to actualize your fantasies.

Your heart is saddled with doubts and confusion while the circle continues to close in on you; time is not on your side. Two sides of the same coin it seems.

That’s the uneven odd circle of time. On the one hand, you think you have the whole time in the world, and that somehow reality is going to bend for you. On the other hand, you realize that you don’t have time to wait for reality to bend for you because it’s your duty to make it do so no matter how hard it is.

Remember, time is not wasted because you can’t waste what you don’t have. We make our own luck they say, but that’s when the odds are in your favor mostly. But no matter what the odds are, you are the top prize. Therefore, bet on you to pull yourself through your dreams and passions.

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