Deontay Wilder Knocked Out Again by Tyson Fury in Court Ordered 3rd Rematch

In what many are now proclaiming as a needless waste of effort to begin with, Tyson Fury has again showed US boxer, Deontay Wilder who is the king of the ring after another humiliating bout.

The two fighters have previously gone at it twice before the third match which held at the early hours of today.
Arbitrator, Daniel Weinstein had earlier in May ruled that Tyson Fury must fight Wilder in a third replay, a condition that made it impossible for the proposed fight with Anthony Joshua to take place.

To his credit, Wilder did wonderfully well in the early stages of the bout, knocking Fury down twice in the fifth round. But, he trusted his lethal knockout technique too much to his detriment as the fight progressed.

Tyson Fury soon got all over the early jabs and landed heavy jabs as the rounds continued, often boxing Wilder into a corner and using his body advantage to land many hits; including a furious uppercut.

His vicious attacks and heavy jabs ensured that Tyson Fury would run out as the unanimous winner even with less Union flag flying around the arena.

Should Anthony Joshua reclaim his lost titles from Oleksandr Usyk, then fans will likely see the much awaited fight between the two world heavyweights in the arena.

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