The Subtle Art of Taking a Punch

There’s this cool line from Marvel’s Captain America icon that really makes for a good daily chant line. Captain America is notoriously known for his quick quips of “I can do this all day”. Well, one thing is for sure though, we all know that Cap can take a beating.

Watching Tyson Fury unleash the gypsy jabs and shots before knocking out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round brings this to fore again. I give it to Wilder though, he did perform better than the last bout. But, ultimately he did lose to the better fighter on the night because he couldn’t take a beating anymore. It was really an eyesore seeing a giant fall after taking an uppercut and a final shot from the gypsy king.

Moving though life, one has to realise that shit happens all the time. By this, I mean that as a human being, you should know that things going wrong is actually the normal order. Hence, this is why countries spend billions in policies and security to ensure things go right. Not just right, but also maintained accordingly.

A lot of unfavorable twists will come your way. Things will always fall short of the way you planned them. In fact, nothing ever goes as planned. We plan and then the adjustment and adapting techniques with changing environment follows.

However, the one thing you can’t fall prey to is letting the brutal shots thrown by life keep you down. Remember, staying down is the default mode of the battered. If there is life, that means that you will have to brace yourself to continuously take a punch until the final big shot that ends it all comes from the reaper.

But, until that comes, you’ve got to learn the subtle art of toughening it out every second of the day. Everything you will accomplish in life hugely depends on your ability to take a punch. Everyone has a plan until the get punched in the face.

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