Brendan Fraser to Star as the Villain “Firefly” in New DC Blockbuster Movie “Batgirl

Warner Bros has greenlit the production of Batgirl, a highly anticipated comic book movie. The entertainment behemoth also announced that “The Mummy” actor, Brendan Fraser will be in the role of the movie’s villain in the upcoming blockbuster movie.

The George of the Jungle actor has seen a bit of mixed fortune in recent times, and has been missing from the big screen for a while due to personal issues. However, the actor’s fortune seems to be on the rise now with plethora of movie roles coming his way more now.

Brendan Fraser ha recently starred in “No Sudden Move” and many other great flicks of recent, including DC’s “Doom Patrol”.

Batgirl will be represented on screen by Leslie Grace who will star as the movies titular character (Barbara Gordon).

Batgirl is a popular DC Comic’s character whose arc is mostly entwined in the Batman family and the fictional Gotham. It is not yet clear if the movie will be part of the DC Extended Universe or just another one off picture.


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