Giving Positive Charges to Negative Vibes

Thinking will definitely weigh you down all the time if you have a habit of keeping unwanted vibes in your mind. Giving charges to unimportant thoughtforms is a quick way to clogging the thinking networks of the mind, creating a disruption in your system.

We give positive charges to negative vibes when we hold on to thoughts that yields meaningless fruits in our lives. The mind works in actions and reactions, but between the spaces is the thoughts that control such interactions. This is why it’s important to be careful of things fed the mind.

Some people harbour negative vibes because they get an off from it. It’s probably what makes them feel alive or fuel their ego. They hold on to it dearly until letting it go becomes an issue. At this point, they’re already addicted, and their sense of judgment is clouded with their emotional perturbations. Needless to say, moving on becomes a problem.

Once it gets to the point where moving on from your worries becomes an issue, you have to realize you are forming an emotional bond with a negative thoughtform. This is dangerous for obvious reasons. The multiplier effect of this means that the source of the worry is going to affect everything else you do with or without your permission. The funny thing is that thinking about this single worry is still not going to wish it away. So, why bother?

Every mind operates on what is being fed it. Again, whatever it is being fed can also be sustained by subsequent inputs which will continue to fuel it until it extinguishes by itself or fades away as if it was never in your mind to begin with. The key is in your hands at all times. How you tune your mind is up to you. The right frequencies attract the right thoughts. The negative ones may fuel unpleasant experiences or magnify what is not. All in all, giving positive charges to negative vibes can mess with anyone’s psyche. Best not to add fire to it by sustaining such negativity.

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