Man Picks Laptop, Dairy and 12 Wages Envelope Packed with Money and Returns it to Owner

A Twitter user from South Africa took to the popular micronews blogging platform to share how he saved a man from what would have been gloom and doom for the victim.

According to the user @Bhorholo_Feli, he picked up a laptop bag that contained a lot of valuables which the owner must have misplaced somewhere. There was a laptop, a diary and twelve (12) wages envelop fully packed.

He immediately went through the diary he found inside the bag, dialed the number of the owner, and told him to come and pick up his belongings. The good Samaritan confirmed that the owner has picked up his things and would have killed himself because no one seemed to believe him before luck shined on him. He advised people to be good and not to put their own interest above that of others with lost items.

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