Northern Senators Oppose Women’s “Equality” in the Gender Equality Bill, Insists the Law is Anti-Quran

Nigerian senators of Northern extraction has vehemently opposed the “Gender Equality” Bill in what is likely to further delay the passage of the law which seeks to grant equal rights to women.

The Bill which is being sponsored by Senator Abiodun Olujimi of Ekiti State has faced a lot of opposition in the house since it’s introduction in 2016. According to her, the law seeks to “allow for the prohibition of all forms of discrimination against women and provide for the equality of all persons”.

However, Abubakar Yusuf, representing Taraba Central Senatorial District disagreed and opposed the passage of the Bill. According to the senator,

“I will not support the passage of the bill until the word ‘equality’ is removed. When you bring equality into it infringes on the Quran.”

Still speaking on the proposed bill, Aliyu Wammako, representing Sokoto North Senatorial District, said –

“When you talk of equity it is okay. When you talk of ‘equality’ I will not support it.”

Religion has a way of twisting it’s adherents, making them lose sight of reality and develop the inability to change with the times. It’s quite appalling that this Senators can’t keep religion and the state separate, which brings to question their capacity to represent and lead their constituents.

A religious practice that limits the right of women which is enshrined in the constitution (of which the religion is subservient to) is certainly repugnant and offensive to the ear. Senators must learn to keep their religious bias to themselves, especially since the proposed law is expected to affect all women in Nigeria. It’s an irony that “Equality” being the main proponent of the Bill is being misconstrued and misinterpreted with a religious undertone to deny Nigerian women their rights.

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