“The Witcher 2” and Top 6 Popular Netflix Shows to Binge Watch this December 

There are several new Netflix programs to binge-watch this December, especially during the Christmas holidays. There’s something here for everyone. The second season of “The Witcher” is set to debut tonight and you definitely don’t want to be reading the spoilers online as it’s mostly going to be the case tomorrow.

Here are Top 6 Popular Netflix TV Shows to Binge Watch this Christmas 2021 including “The Witcher”


After the success of the first series starring Henry Cavil (Man of Steel), fans has been eagerly anticipating the second season of the hit TV show. A late teaser has revealed another beast that Geralt of Rivia will encounter in his next adventures, drawing heavy similarities from the book and games it made its adaptations from.

The season will be eight (8) episodes long and will continue from the moment Geralt and Ciri finally reconnected. In addition, it appears that Geralt will meet a Leshen in the forthcoming season. Expect a considerate and (to some extent) family-friendly Geralt in this epic.


The third season of Lost in Space is officially available, having aired on December 1st. We’ve been waiting for the third season of the Netflix original series since Christmas 2019. Unfortunately, this is the final season of the show. What does Will’s, the Robinsons’, and Robot’s future hold? You’ll have to keep an eye out this holiday season to find out.


The second half of Money Heist season 5 was released on the 3rd of December 2021. Money Heist’s final episodes are now available on Netflix, bringing the story of The Professor and his bank-robbing gang to an emotional end. The Spanish-produced program has become a global hit, attracting legions of loyal followers from all corners of the globe.

That is why this conclusion has been so eagerly anticipated, with observers eager to see if the saga will come to a happy conclusion – or if more people will perish while imprisoned inside the Bank of Spain. If you’re saddened by the show’s ending, don’t despair: Netflix has revealed that it is developing a Money Heist spin-off series based on Berlin’s personality (Pedro Alonso).


On December 10th, 2021, the first season of ‘Saturday Morning All-Star Hits’ aired on Netflix. There are eight episodes in all, each lasting 19-28 minutes. The first season garnered largely good comments from fans due to its unusual contents.

Although there has been no official confirmation of the series’ return, a second season is very certainly in the works. Viewers may expect another season of ‘Saturday Morning All-Star Hits’ to be revealed around the same time as the main season, as well as similar unorthodox comedy shows like ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’ and ‘Key and Peele.’

The delivery date will be determined by the producers’ timetable and the pace of production. Assuming the streaming behemoth commissions the program for a second season and the production goes through without a hitch, we may expect ‘Saturday Morning All-Star Hits’ season 2 to premiere in Q3 2022 at the earliest.


This new South Korean dramatization will premiere on Christmas Eve, and it appears to have all the makings of another smash blockbuster. It is based on Choi Hang-novel “The Sea of Tranquility” which tells the story of a group of people sent to a deadly rescue trip to the moon.


Cobra Kai season 4 will be released on New Year’s Eve. In the current season, Johnny and Daniel have teamed up to try to stop Cobra Kai, which is now being flown by Kreese. Terry Silver will also make an appearance in Season 4 of the show.

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