Being Able to think About how we think is a Sign of Higher Intelligence

If you rely on the consequences of your actions as the best metric for judging your character as a person, you may be at odds end.

Ordinarily, outcome of decisions made for ourselves is typically measured in results and individual needs. But, in-between is where the major factors lie. They’re usually not noticeable, but as with all things humans, we easily develop a pattern noticeable by others.

But, if you are able to know the thought process that led to a particular decision, then you stand a better chance of managing the final outcomes most of the time. But, to do this, you need to have the capacity to think about how you think. So, the question becomes, how do you think? What motivates your final decisions? How do you rationalize events to make a decision out of it? Why do you do the things you do? Why does your thought process follow a particular pattern when burdened with a task that must be scaled through?

Most people who think about how they think easily realize when they’re giving in to their emotions instead of being rational about a thing. This is because, they can conceptualise the results of events. They have mastered their own thought processes and are able to at least ascertain in time whenever their emotions is leading them or their mind is misleading them. This is why their mind works on the principles of “options”.

How do you know the final decision you took on something is the best, especially if it’s 100% possible that other details or information could have improved or negated the the odds if you had known better?

We mostly see things in big terms, but they usually start their manifestations through the small things, eventually climbing their way up to finally embody the individual. The embodiment is the the final manifestation or results of things that has been in progress far longer than you can ever imagine. Most of the time, it starts with a single unchecked habit becomes your entire personality.

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