President Duterte Wiped off thousands of Drug lords in Philippines Because of Mkpuru Mmiri

If you are looking for a person who abhors and personally detests drugs, search no further than the current Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

Not one to be trifled with, Duterte declared an all out war on drugs upon assumption of the hallowed office and went in hard against drug lords. According to unofficial reports, thousands of Drug lords were killed during this epic hunt. Citizens were also known to join up in the fight for a reward kept for such purposes by the President.

Apart from that, his government also sponsored a lot of rehabilitation centres as thousands of methamphetamine addicts went into rehab facilities, terrified of the President’s killer squads.

But why did he go hard on them? Well, “Shabu” as the drug is called has been a total menace in the country. It was reported that it created a lot of addicts and caused a lot of havoc’s, especially from the inability of the users to tell reality from fantasy after getting high on the drug. Accidents were rampant, people getting killed unnecessarily.

During his time as mayor in Davao, one of the largest city in the Southern Philippines, he was known to forbid smoking in his city. It’s reported that President Duterte or “Little Brown Terminator” once caught an American smoking cigarette in defiance of the law and ordered him to eat it.

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