Barca’s New Messi, Already on his Way Out?

What happened to Yusuf Demir? At first he seemed like an answer to Barca’s immediate problems in the wings but somehow fizzled out before the interesting part of the show even started.

The young forward looked promising at first, drawing comparisons with the Argentine legend from fans and pundit alike. However, unlike Lionel Messi, Demir has failed to live up to expectations.

With Ousmanne Dembele injured at the beginning of the season and the team lacking traditional wingers, Barca had high hopes for the forward and hoped he will own the right wing position or at least become an able deputy for Ousmanne Dembele by facilitating his immediate promotion to the senior team.

But, the youngster’s performances under Ronald Koeman was not very convincing, with the player mostly preferring to play it safe rather than take on the opposition when given the ball. His inability to assert himself in games during his outings despite performing excellently great in the preseason games meant that Demir started getting limited chances in the first team.

Also, Demir’s contract details may not have helped his case too. One of the clauses in the contract stipulates that if he plays a certain amount of game this season, Barca has to buy him for €10m. Obviously, the Catalan Giants won’t be thinking of exercising that option anymore especially with the return of their star winger and the rise of Abde.

Yusuf Demir now finds himself an unwanted man at Nou Camp, relegated to the fringes and may probably be on his way out of the club in the January transfer window if the reports about him are anything but true.

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