Hit or Miss: The Ugly Side Of Being An Opera News Hub Writer

Getting a platform to write on that is legit from this our part of the world is hard. Most will want you to write for free or force you to start undergoing processes that will end up making you lose interest in the whole writing thing. But that’s me anyway. 

Unlike in other freelance writing where your pay is by the hour or number of words, income on Opera News Hub depends on how big an engagement your topic draws. In other words, “big clicks, comments, likes and shares” are the parameters you have to cross to earn something reasonable.

So what this means is that it doesn’t matter how great your article is, or if the content within it is one in a trillion. If people are not clicking it, you earn nothing. It’s a hit or miss world on Opera News Hub. But, that’s also the upside to it.

If your article on the other hand turns out to be a hit, it gladdens the writer. This is because, the platform also helps you show your article to bigger audience, allowing you to reach more people who may likely help create bigger engagements for your article. This helps you earn more from the platform. You could earn a lot with just five quality articles in a month if they’re big hits. However, even with 100 hundred articles in a month, you may not earn anything reasonable if they happen to be misses.

It has favored a lot of people who write junk news, but has also not gone down well with others. But, I believe that everything works with planning and setting a target. Some people make six figures on the platform monthly while some others have left in frustration because of low reach and lack of engagements. 

The ugly side of it here then lies in the fact that if others can do it, it starts making you feel bad. This is especially when you see that most of the things you write are what they’re writing and probably better. When the misses becomes the order of the day, or when the rejections continue to mount, the person may be frustrated and decide to call it quits. This is because the effort being put is not generating expected outcomes. That notwithstanding, it still guarantees nothing because every article remains a hit or miss. 

As a writer, once you understand how a platform works, every other thing becomes very easy. Though the platform can frustrate the hell out of you with all their rules, and even won’t waste time in pounding you with a rejection of article, the platform hasn’t failed to deliver on it’s promises of write and earn. In the end, Opera News Hub becomes for you whatever you make of it. After all, it’s a content creation hub.

As a creator, I guess it’s all left for you to decide what kind of content you want to engage in on the platform as well as your plans for it. Whatever the content, if the necessary efforts are not done to deliver the goodies with it, you may find yourself taking the missing road very often.


  1. Always happy to comment when it helps another writer. I have some favorite operas but most are over my head. That never stops me from listening, but still I would love to know more about what’s happening. Are there many people who love opera in this country? My kids get up and leave when I am listening and I wish I knew the names of the music I listen to. Just a fan without knowing what it;s all about.

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    • I can relate… Sometimes, I just listen to great music without knowing the names of the art of the artistes. But, I do try to know their name if I enjoyed the song. That way, I will probably discover more of their good works.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can understand that too. I have Amazon prime music so can find almost everything free from them. I click on a song by some artists that are new to me just to see if I like it and that always leads to more like it. Have built up a great list of music that way. Also, I can click on a favorite song of any genre and it also leads to similar music by others. Much better than buying a CD and then finding I hate it!

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          • I have found some good stuff on YouTube as well. Sometimes I enjoy watching Britains got talent just to see Simon’s reactions to different contestants. I don’t think he has had a better reaction since Susan Boyle, although some have come close.

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            • True. “Britain Got Talent” is definitely one of my favourite pass times on YouTube too. Their reactions are mostly epic. Sometimes I think they just feign the reactions to heighten the dares undertaken by the contestants.


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