Even a Fool grows Older

A lot of people start getting set in their ways as they approach 30 and above. At this point, they’re becoming too rigid to alter their views of things and known ideologies.

Whatever a person is fixated upon, they get attached to sooner or later. With times magic, attachment creates a growth cycle. In this cycle, maturity develops around interactions which the source of fixation is centered upon. An individual practically grows around or get drawn to things they’re only interested in.

Growing is a natural phenomena that happens to everything; it’s from growth that maturity is attained. Maturity can manifest in different phases and instances. In this instance, one can also mature in the wrong way around things that interest them. Sometimes, the obsessive maturity may be borderline personality alterations not noticeable by the individual. However, they do show themselves through habits, attitude to things, perspectives on life and personal development.

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