One Week after Signing Ferran Torres, FC Barcelona is yet to register star Because of this…

Although the former Manchester City and Valencia FC star was presented to FC Barcelona fans on Monday, 3rd January 2022, it appears the club are not yet in the right financial position to register Ferran Torres with the Spanish football authorities according to reports.

FC Barcelona have been in a dire financial situation since Joan Laporta took over the running of the Spanish giants, a situation that cost the Catalans Lionel Messi, their greatest player ever. In the summer transfer window of 2021, FC Barcelona also struggled to register a lot of new signed players due to money draught at the Nou Camp.

However, according to the club’s director of football Mateu Alemany, FC Barcelona already knew a situation like this would arise for Torres  “in terms of salaries”. But, the Barca chief also stated that –

“However, we have been making moves in different areas,” he said, “and we are convinced we can register him.”

That notwithstanding, there are rumours the club may have no option than to loan him back to Man City to continue if they do not succeed with his registration. Ferran Torres was bought from Manchester City for an initial fee of 55 million euros ($62.2 million).

Barca recently registered club legend, Dani Alves with La Liga and he is expected to participate in the Copa del Rey match this evening.

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