Warner Bros takes offence at John Cena calling Batman a “Pu**y”

Peacemaker, the shooting maestro from DC Comics is talking too much as it stands after taking several swipes at most of DC Comics top superheroes like Superman and Aquaman.

However, the Peacemakers running mouth may have drawn the ire of shows owners after PM made a joke about Batman, the caped crusader.

In explaining the situation, James Gunn the executive producer of the TV Series explained below –

“I was very surprised, because they were not too fond of Peacemaker calling Batman a p—y. I’m like, ‘But he talks about all these other terrible things about all these other superheroes that are much worse than calling Batman a p—y.’

Continuing, he said –

“I don’t know why him calling Batman a p—y is potentially more offensive than him saying Superman [has a poop fetish]. I don’t understand why one was brought up and one wasn’t.

“Not only that, Batman is the only one he makes a fair point about; everybody else he’s really just believing stuff that he read on the Internet. Everything that he believes is kind of nonsense, and Batman is the only one has has a point of view on that makes any sense whatsoever.”

Well, according to the Peacemaker, Batman is practically chicken shit because he doesn’t kill the bad guys.

The Peacemaker is a spin off series from James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” movie and stars the titular character (John Cena) who reprises his role from the movie.

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