Philosophy Monday (16)

It’s been a rough end to the year with the covid-19 ravaging the world while creating more resistant mutations along the way. Last year we stopped at number 57 in our Philosophy Monday series. We continue from there as we explore some core fundamental questions concerning human interactions and everyday living –

58. How important is Play in Living a Healthy and Fulfilling life?

“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The importance of play to daily living cannot be underestimated. As people who are most overburdened with so many activities all the time, unwinding from those stress through playing is a welcome idea. In other words, sometimes you play and other times you work. If you make it ‘work’ all the time, well, Rihanna is definitely going to start asking why “work, work, work?”

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While growing up –

When your child plays, they learn about them self and their surroundings. This includes how to coordinate their body movements, talk with friends, apply rules, and more. But the learning process is even broader than this.

Same thing practically applies to adults since it is believed that a man is dead who stops learning. Playing opens the doors to the child in us and allows to express ourselves.

59. Where do you think is the most worthwhile place to find meaning in life – Work, family, hobby, religion, philosophy, helping others, all the small miracles, or something else entirely?

To be brutal, the meaning of life is probably lost on us. We practically kill and eat billions of other animals daily because in our eyes they are essential for our survival. We work to survive in an unforgiving society where the same jungle justice has continued to perverse. It has always been about survival of the fittest.

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Not everyone grew up with a family and a lot of people are beginning to run away from the false promises of religion. Philanthropism is mostly motivated by personal interests and hobbies are always short-lived depending on where one is favourably placed in the social strata.

So, where then does one find meaning in life? How does one make his life meaningful? Well, we would suggest you think about 5,000 years into the future and imagine if anyone alive then would give a fuck about your life choices today.

Just live; after all it’s all for nothing!

60. What is the biggest waste of human potential?

We are the only limitation to our potential. It is not merely about dreaming and fantasizing about being the next best thing after sliced bread, it is also about the efforts put into it. At this point, one should know that there is no overnight success. Everything that must be done to achieve a purpose in life must be given the only priority in order to redirect the mind into channeling its creative power to actualizing the set objective.

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If you say you want to be a billionaire tomorrow, what are you thinking and doing today that can guarantee the actualization? At the end of the day, everything is all in the mind. It is left for the individual to leave their potentials lying dormant or to cultivate the right mind culture that will lay the right solid foundation on which the individual’s aspirations and dreams can be achieved.  

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