5 Subtle Signs that shows she is likely into you

As a rule of thumb, there is no one single means of perceiving the so called greenlight from women. Remember that whatever you perceive in your interactions is your own mind making things up about the person of interest and the feels you created from their vibes.

That notwithstanding, women have been known to actually go out of their way to let you know they may be feeling you through several subtle means. Your ability to decode this subtleties and lose yourself in their desires will probably get you more closer to the girl of your dreams you didn’t even know was yours to lose the whole time.

She makes an Effort to Continue the Conversation

You will notice that if she is into you, and by some reason a conversation starts between you guys, she wouldn’t like to end it.

She will ensure she enjoys the time with you. It also helps her analyse your conversational skills and how she can better appeal to you through her own personal charms.

• She Compliments you

This is usually very obvious to notice if you pay attention. She doesn’t just compliment you, she will also greet you cordially and warmly whenever you cross her path.

• May feel slightly Nervous around you

When someone is crushing on you, this comes with the territory sometimes. This may be linked to some women’s coy nature in approaching men and expressing their feelings first due to fear of rejection.

• You may Catch her Staring at You severally

May be one of the leading ways of igniting love affairs. Smile, wink and love starts!

• She tries to let you know she’s Single and Available

Well, if she is not dating at the moment and she sees you are readily available, she will outrightly go out of her way to insert herself into your life. But, it starts slowly through a lot of shared interests and casual advances.

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