How Michael Jackson did the famous “Anti-gravity Lean” in Smooth Criminal videos

Michael Jackson changed music as we literally know it. Apart from his songs, he also introduced a host of trends as he was unarguably the most famous musical trendsetter.

Popularly known for his “Moonwalk” dance style, Michael Jackson stunned the whole world when he pulled off a gravity defying dance stunt that awed the whole world. But, it’s not just a one time thing because the “Thriller” crooner has gone ahead to pull same stunts over and over again at different performances.

So, how was Michael Jackson able to perform the “Forward Lean” move without ropes?

According to reports and what is available, it took a hard training and specially designed shoes to perform the “Anti-gravity Lean”.

The shoe is designed in such a way that it is able to be fixed with a heel peg connected to the stage before the live show. As a result, Michael Jackson and his dance crew can easily plant their feet on the floor and lean forward with that external support (heel peg).

However, that’s just one of the key requirements to pull it off. The other one is the actual physical strength and perfect understanding of your own body’s physics. According to physics, so many different methods can be used to keep the balance.

In the video, you can see MJ keep his whole body at a stable rate while the arms remain tight. In performing the forward lean dancing style, Michael Jackson uses his total leg strength and spinal strength to straighten the body backward.

It is this oneness with the body that enabled them perform a 45°, which is a very difficult angle to pull off.

NB: The shoe was patented afterwards.

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