4 Psychology Hacks to Understand People better

The complexities of human nature is explicit; to each individual their personal idiosyncrasies. One can never really tell what is going on with another person until they’re let in on it. Again, just being confided in doesn’t mean that what was told you is actually what they’re processing in their mind.

That notwithstanding, some cues are sacrosanct for the observant. Here are some of them –

1. Everyone has an Ego (including you)

You can’t expect other people to align their feelings with yours when it’s not likely to benefit them. Same also goes for personal desires and interests.

Knowing this hack helps you explore the most innovative ways to fit your expectations and modify your conversations around others accordingly.

2. Watch Body Language.

Although this can take a little time to get used to, nonverbal cues are usually telling in nature.

If you observe well enough, you will notice they give more details about a person, and how their perspectives on things are generally expressed. Body postures reveal a lot, especially facial expressions.

3. Be A Better Listener.

Most people just listen so that they could find something to argue about, missing the point of the conversation entirely most times.

When you listen to how people speak, how they stress certain sentences & words, tell some stories, recollect events or express their views on a burning issue, you will soon start detecting familiar tones.

Listening to the voice of other people to understand the deep meanings behind their expressions can tell so much about how a person feels.

4. Feel the Circumstances by Heart, it helps you understand others easily

In other words, being empathic and actually meaning it when communicating. Do not let your own personal prejudice, resentments or ideologies obstruct your objectivity.

In conclusion, people’s psyche are formed differently, and mostly shaped by their environment.

People’s perspectives on things, world views and political ideologies end up shaping the individual in ways they may not even realize, but which is observable to a keen eye.

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