Saturday Morning Reflections

The Knowledge Pit of Potholes

There’s a tendency to relapse into the delusion that our knowledge of something is the end of it; that we know everything there is to know about a thing while relying on our personal perceptions and information.

This self imposed bias may lead to subjugation of curiosity, suppressing the obvious reality that you couldn’t possibly know the full property of a thing even if you tried in your entire lifetime.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to spot. Oftentimes though, it is easy to see if the individual isn’t slipping to bigotry or the knowledge pit of no return.

All our perceptions of things and phenomenon are mostly subjective at best. Even when open-minded, objectivity will always be influenced by emotions, knowledge limitations at the time, experiences, habits, societal values, bias and interests.

This is to say that at all times, despite the fact that majority may agree on a thing, that singular knowledge bonding the agreement among them may actually not be the end of information.

Just because the world is moving in certain direction propagated by the current world order doesn’t mean the world should go in that manner. Space colonisation, mission to Mars, mission to galaxies zillions of years away, Blockchain, etc, are just but a little bit of all that there could be.

There is no other reality except you and the one you create. This is to say that the extent and knowledge of things is limited only by the level of perception you can make of it within what is real and observable. This is why one fruit can serve several functions. This is why a single human can change the world I guess.

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