Just in: Buhari jittery as another Military Coup underway in Guinea Bissau

Military coup is on the rise again in the continent, especially in West Africa as Guinea Bissau on verge of becoming fourth (4th) country in just 2yrs. For the past two years, the West African subregion has witnessed successive coups d’état, prompting criticisms from all and sundry, including AU and ECOWAS sanctions for the erring countries.

According to reports from Guinea Bissau, gunshots were heard in the country’s presidential headquarters during a cabinet meeting. Early sightings suggests that a military coup may be going on in the subregion.

On 12 April 2012, a coup d’état also took place in Guinea-Bissau just few days to the presidential election which was delayed till two years later after massive international outcry and sanctions.

Nigerian President, Muhammad Buhari who was ousted from office in 1985 through a military counter coup stated that Africa has gone past the era of military coup. However, like he has been unable to do with the country’s ailing economy, the current Nigerian Commander-in-Chief, Muhammad Buhari has again failed to read the picture on the wall.

As at the time of this report, a military coup might be ongoing in Guinea Bissau. Previously, Mali (August 2020), Guinea (September 2021) and Burkina Faso (January 2022) fell to military takeovers while the government of the day was ousted.

In a country like Nigeria where successive coups has been the country’s major lot since independence, 2023 general elections may be looking gloomier than ever as tribalistic misguided political interests continue to thwart the nation’s progress.

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