Philosophy Monday (17)

As we continue on the journey of philosophical explorations about human nature and the human condition, we attempt to take a look at some of the burning questions bothering humanity.

Last week we talked about where a person can find meaning in life and what could constitute waste of human resources. We hope you do read them in your free time to catch up with our Philosophy Monday series.

Today, we continue to ponder on what humanity has in store for us and how best to navigate through personal efforts and deeper understanding of self.

61. Is a Life that Focuses on Avoiding Pain and Seeking out Pleasure a good and Worthwhile Life?

What is pain? Is pain real? Does pain exist or do we just build up pent up emotions and attach deep losses to it? There are different forms of pain; there are physical injuries that exerts pain. There are psychological scenarios that create pain like labour pains (childbirth), break ups, divorce, loss of someone, job loss or irreconcilable results after taking an examination.

From the above, you see that pain is mostly associated with injury or loss which can be physically or mentally. Knowing this, it wouldn’t make sense for a person to yearn for pain. But, there are other different forms of pain which I may not have listed above too like disappointments, sexual gratification from pain, penance, divorce, loss of lucrative deals, etc.

Ordinarily, humans (and by extension other animals) are drawn to sweet things, or foods that feels same. Since pleasure can only be experienced, it remains to be seen if there is any one way of achieving same.

Humans are sentient beings. Invariably, this means that no-one likes to get drawn to things they’re not comfortable with. But, that’s just one way of looking at it.

62. Does Jealousy have value in Driving Humans to Improve Themselves or is it a Purely Negative Emotion?

Jealousy couldn’t possibly be a good sign for a person bent on improving themselves beyond their personal ego. Jealousy is a negative emotion and should not be entertained since the type of rhythm it spurts can be dangerous if left unchecked for a second.

However, can jealousy be used for good? Nothing in itself is bad per se, just the application. Maybe instead of being jealous, you even the odds and level up. Therefore, shed jealous tendencies. But, if it refuses to dissipate, divert and convert same as a booster and reminder that you once let your negative vibes get the better of you.

63. What percentage of your life do you feel truly alive? When do you feel that way? How can you feel that way more often?

This is difficult to answer, but I guess we feel more alive when we do the things we love and enjoy doing.

Writing, travelling, singing, adventures, kayaking, swimming, football, reading, coding, drawing, painting, etc, can all make someone feel so alive. So also does spy works, military works, police work, hunting, piloting, driving, riding a bike, eating food, having sex, spreading religious ideologies, etc.

How can you feel that way more often?

I guess this is where working hard and smart comes in. As it turns out, some of the things that makes us feel alive are very expensive. This means the financial capacity may not support the lifestyles of choice.

So, to feel that way more often, you’ve got to attain a state of financial freedom that can afford you the opportunity to live your best dreams. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a billion dollar financial freedom!

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