4 Ways Top Nigerian Pastors Scam their Gullible Sheeple Followers

Church business is one of the most lucrative hottest ventures in the country right now. With a population estimate of around 200million people who are mostly superstitious, it is not farfetched why the church boom has continued to proliferate unabated.

Despite the emergence of technology and free access to information, superstitious beliefs has continued to perverse the Nigerian society, and the clergy seem to be best beneficiary of this widespread fantasies.

Where superstition is the order of the day, clergymen and fake mediums benefit hugely. Nigeria is not an exception in this instance. The clergy in Nigeria has carved up a “holy niche” for themselves steeped in religious fantasies and fake dogma’s. Here are 5 ways the Nigerian clergymen deceive their gullible followers while feeling good about their deceit through cash and wealth acquired in the scam –

1) Perform fake Miracles

Man invented camera and miracles disappeared. But, apparently not in Nigeria it would seem.

In this age of reason where logic rules rational thinking of the mind, some people are still being deceived into believing miracles as done by the clergy in Nigeria is/are real.

Common sense detects that nobody can ever have such power to cure another of bodily ailments, and if they did, it wouldn’t come so cheap to begin with. That’s the signs of what is fake; it’s always cheaper because it’s a knock off.

If miracles are real, take a look around you or visit a hospital and you would know who needs it more. But, surprise surprise, guess what?

2) Sell Stuffs as Annointed Objects

This is outrightly sacrilegious and it’s a wonder why the police is not treating this scam for what it is.

But, of course you would be a dumb fool if you believe some nonsense piece of junk “blessed” “annointed” by any clergy has any potency whatsoever in whatever capacity. No priest, pastor, babalawo or whatever can give you any extra luck, power or whatsoever through “special” annointed objects.

Annointed or ritual objects are fake; don’t ever waste your hard earned money on such nonsense. The endgame is your money since the measurement of the potency can only be done in the fake “spiritual realm”. It’s a simple con, don’t fall for it.

3) Stage fake Prophecies and Fulfilments

You can’t begin to imagine the extent the clergy will go to stage fake prophecies, miracles and fulfilments. Fortunately, there are thousands of books available for free now detailing how they did it and continue to do it.

As they say, the only way to know the future is to create it.

4) Customer Service Outreaches –

This includes events like crusades, getting more members, reaching out to selected “poor” for marketing purposes and other in-house activities geared towards collaborations and expanding the franchise through goodwill.

The CSO is generally influenced by the financial capacity of the clergy in the country. But, be rest assured that no-one knows how best to sow for the future through generations unborn than the clergy. The Catholic Church has reaped this reward in billion folds over the years, so it’s basically the same format.

Yeah, let’s go to Shiloh and shout to the lord to give us a husband, give a testimony and celebrate a resounding thanksgiving because the lord is good all the time! He gave me a husband in Pastor Babalawo’s miracle ground, Hallelujah!!!

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