Saturday Morning Reflections

Mitigating Anger and Rising above Corrosive Emotions

Anger is an expression borne out of distate for certain circumstances, behaviours or things. It’s always fluctuating as it sails through the human, fueled by whatever ignition used to sustain it. Put simply, anger is the end product of fueling a bad reaction and it’s sustenance.

This is why being prone to anger is a serious issue and must be curtailed from the beginning. In full force, an angry person can cause a lot of damage as their anger rages on.

To curtail this, anger triggers must be actively avoided. In situations where it cannot be avoided, take a break (probably like 10mins and rethink the source of anger through).

Anger is a personal torment people use to punish themselves for events that happened outside of them literally. Therefore, it’s safe to say that getting angry is a personal choice.

This is very important to note because anger is individualistic and varies in people regardless of societal class. What irritates Mr. B may be a normal joke to Mr. T. Therefore, it’s important to always note the source of the anger and rethink again if getting hiked up over it is the best course of action.

Remember, when angry, you are selectively blocking your rational mind and fueling the emotional triggers. In return, this clouds the mind and makes it hard to think logically.

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