Morals get Blurred pretty Fast when Sh*t becomes Personal

For some reason, whenever I re-watch Avengers: Age of Ultron, a particular statement does strike a chord all the time. In the confrontation between Steve Rogers and Ultron, Cap was given the biggest whitewashing of his screen time with the Avengers when this happened –

Captain America: “I know you’ve suffered but…”

Ultron: “Aaaagh! Captain America, God’s righteous man pretending you could live without a war. I can’t physically throw up in my mouth, but…”


I know the Avengers did defeat Ultron but that’s some chili sh*t served hot. True enough, all of Steve Roger’s life from the moment he enlisted till the invasion of New York and afterwards, Captain America has never want for wars to fight. It’s a tough reality check.

You really can’t imagine the extent of what is moral until your morality is under the microscope. Most people are very good at doling out moral principles to others, but when it becomes personal to them, lines get blurred. All of a sudden, everything is no longer black and white.

You may swear to nonviolence, but what if they mean to harm you? Are you going to stay there like a tree and wait to be butchered if you had the choice of appropriately defending yourself within the circumstances? What if you had the opportunity to steal government funds knowing no one can ever trace it back to you and that the loot will help uplift at least five (5) generations in your lineage; would you play the righteous guy?

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What if you were told great things will start coming your way in the office only if you look the other way to certain things you play oversight? This is bearing in mind all the good things it brings while you struggle to make ends meet? What if they also tell you that no harm is being done to anyone?

What if you had the chance to escape your current situation in life by lying against another? What would you do to escape your sterile and corrupt ridden country? What if doing the right thing is not going to benefit you in any way, would you still carry on? Say you did something you thought was good and it turned out to create a big issue between you and someone else, will that incident influence your future decisions?

Morality lines can get blurred pretty quickly and faster than you can see a lightning bolt. However, strong principles and values built on solid morals can rarely be shaken. This notwithstanding though, circumstances can be very upstaging.

Although morals are fleeting, we do know it cannot be properly built based on religious teachings. At the core of morality is how harmful your decisions are to your fellows and its general impact in the immediate environment.

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