Can Someone who did Blood Covenant with their Lover have sex with another Person?

The mere notion of losing someone we adore and care about so much can be a real source of serious psychological trauma. Fear of losing people we love is a well known trait inherent in most humans.

When it comes to relationships, the fear of losing a lover can be quite unthinkable. All the times spent together, the memories and all the good experiences shared together may even magnify that fear more.

Due to the fear of losing a lover, people can do the unimaginable so as to feel safe in the relationship with nothing to worry about. It is this fear that has heightened the idea that a blood covenant can be made to secure the precious love shared between lovers.

In the past and in some popular religions across the world, blood covenants are very significant. As people coming from such religious backgrounds, it is quite easy to imagine that blood covenant is likely to create some sort of eternal bound between participants. Where any partner breaks the covenant, it is allged they will suffer heavy spiritual repercussions.

Some Myths about Blood Covenant –

• The lover that breaks the bond is likely to die.
• Before you marry another person, you must break the covenant willingly with the other person or you will both die or probably run mad.
• Some other untold repercussions like lack of child in marriage, bad lucks, etc.


Most of the time, the bond is done by piercing the skin and taking each others blood. The collected blood may be robbed on a piece of cloth (or paper or an item adored by both) and burned under fire as the two lovers recite some prewritten words bonding themselves over the act. In general though, people tend to modify the process as they wish.

Going further, literature and movies has also amplified blood covenant brouhaha. But, does blood covenants work? In what capacity?

Blood covenants are illusionary at best and exists only in the figment of imagination of the people conceiving the idea. Noone can possibly create an eternal bond with anyone through any blood related ritual because it is an imaginary fantasy fueled by religion and the media.

Although blood covenants actually involve physical acts of cutting self and spilling blood, there is nothing spiritual about it. The only difference is that you are just injuring yourself for nothing.

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