Parallel Universe: Man gets detained at Tokyo Airport after Presenting Original Passport of Country not in Existence

An airport official was left stunned at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan when a man named Jenansfer Berhodrick presented his passport for the standard check and stamp.

Jenansfer Berhodrick had allegedly entered the airport in July 1954. When he was asked for his passport, he gave the official his passport. What the official saw on the passport though was surprising.

The man’s passport had his country name as “United Kingdom of Taured” with legitimate stamps of other countries stamped on some pages. The official was perplexed and did several inquiries to ascertain the country to no avail.

After a careful perusal, Jenansfer Berhodrick was required to identify his country on a map he presented. Jenansfer pointed at the present day “Andorra” as the place where his country is, telling them that the map is wrong. He described Taured as situated between modern day France and Spain.

According to the story, he said that he has flown several times to Tokyo in the past on business deals. He also had a driver’s license issued in the United Kingdom of Taured while the contents of his wallet had different currencies from several European countries. Unfortunately though, there is no such country like “United Kingdom of Taured” ever.

His demeanor allegedly showed that he wasn’t understanding what was happening after stating the company he works for, reminding them that Taured has been in existence for more than 1000yrs. The custom guys called the company and it was actually in existence but they have no branch in any place called Taured.

Since the officials couldn’t ascertain where the man is from, they detained him in a hotel and posted guards at the door. By morning, he was gone with his belongings.

Of the two ways he could have used to go out of his room, the lack of a balcony and a recognized escape attempt ruled out that he escaped through the window. None of the guards on duty noticed movement within the room either and the door was never opened all night long. Also, all of the man’s personal documents, like his cheque-book, passport and driver’s license also vanished from within the room. Till this day, the mystery of Taured is yet to be demystified.

NB:This story may probably be an urban hoax!

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