My Funny Interview Experience with Oyinbo Woman

After sending loads of applications for remote web dev positions throughout December without success I stopped applying and went into blockchain development. Last week I was replying a message on my LinkedIn account when I saw this jnr WordPress developer vacancy that popped up. I just applied since it takes less than a minute to do so on LinkedIn.

I was surprised when they sent me a mail two days later with a link to an assessment which I took and submitted. They got back to me some days later to fix an interview date, I choose Feb 9 among the listed options. The time options included 7pm, 7:15pm and 7:30pm and I chose the 1st option. The interview was supposed to last for just 15 minutes.

I left Chelsea’s match that I was watching at half time to prepare for my interview. I asked one of my Nairaland friends for data and he sent me 3gb, I was all set up by 6:44 pm with a Bluetooth that I borrowed from a friend for the occasion. I didn’t want any stories. If only I knew what was lying in wait for me….6:52 pm…..Boom!!! NEPA took light.

My laptop was fully charged but knowing fully well that my battery was not trustworthy, it would last 2 hours when it’s in a good mood and 5 minutes on it’s angry days. I grabbed my charger and extension and ran off to a nearby restaurant in my area. You think Usian Bolt can run baa? If you see my speed this evening you will like me. It was a combination of Bolt and Ben Johnson. I ran like a criminal that was escaping an angry mob about to lynch him, with the way I was grabbing my PC under my armpit I could easily be mistaken for a thief by the way.

I got there by 6:59 pm, plugged my stuffs and connected to the zoom call by 7: 02 pm, the beautiful oyinbo woman was already waiting. While she was in a well lit apartment, I was in a place with red and blue bulbs with my face barely visible even though I supported the light with my phone torch light flashing straight to my face.

She smiled immediately I came online, and murmured something, omo the Bluetooth was not connected o. Something I tested before connecting to the call, I was fumbling with my Bluetooth settings while she kept talking and gesticulating if I could hear her. The Bluetooth was connected to the system but was somehow not working, she saved me from my misery when she suggested we port to google meet for the interview.

I used the opportunity to check my Bluetooth settings well and connected to the call through a link she sent to my mail almost immediately. In the middle of the interview the restaurant gen went off throwing everywhere into darkness…. Omo!!!

I had to keep shining teeth and stretching my small eyes to its elastic limit because they were the only visible things from my end. She burst into laughter and I couldn’t help but join her. It was as if she was in heaven calling someone in hell. I apologized and she told me not to worry that she understands amidst another bout of laughter that she was struggling to contain.

She shaa finished the interview with the normal I will get back to you after accessing the performance of other candidates, I still apologized for my interview settings hoping it won’t affect my chances, she assured me that it won’t have any bearing on her decision making as regards to selection of the successful candidate. She couldn’t stop smiling throughout the interview that lasted for like 20 mins.

I packed my kaya and went home. I laughed my heart out while I narrated everything to my friend who rolled on the floor with laughter. The image of my eyes and teeth in darkness was so hilarious. This was actually my first interview and it will definitely live long in my memory.

Have you experienced something similar?? Please share for the fun

Written by Supreme145 (Nairaland).

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