Inferiority Complex, the Nigerian Dream and Yahoo+ Money Rituals

Getting rich is a syndrome and everyone seem to have caught it at one point in their life. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want to be rich?

Nothing is ever enough, and the debts keep pilling up.  Even when efforts finally leads to a little upliftment above your last status, more debt’s pile on. Seeing others successful while you’re struggling may affect the psyche in a negative manner so to say. Most times, what’s done is never enough to get off the rat race for good.

There’s a sudden hike in the rate of the so called money rituals in the country. It’s like a fever that has swept through the country, and consuming lives of many people based on fake stories of instant wealth from “money ritual”. Despite repeated warnings and various sensitisation campaigns in that regards, so many Nigerian youths continue to yearn for “quick wealth” through magical rituals.

The typical Nigerian dream is to go to school, get a job, marry and bear children. These days, it is to flaunt wealth, live like Davido (even when you don’t have shishi), japa to Yankee, make your way to government coffers or be a yahoo+ fella. These days, wealth gotten from (il)legitimate means are glorified.

In a society like Nigeria where it’s dog eat dog, it is easy to get lost in the euphoria of wealth and what it entails. With the high rate of fraud and scams all over the cyberspace followed by the exhibition of exorbitant affluence (mostly fake) and luxury, it’s easy to get carried away and start looking down on self.

Suddenly, the things you didn’t have becomes a source of worry because others have it, and they don’t even seem to be doing much (from what you have assumed probably). Every other hard work and effort made in the past suddenly becomes insufficient, leading to personal urges to do more because you couldn’t afford the life you wanted yet.

Of course, no one will be talking about something as ludicrous as magically manufacturing money through money ritual if the country isn’t a highly superstitious nation fueled by religious doctrines and ludicrous texts.

Everyone is influenced by their immediate environment. What people see or hear eventually influences them even in ways they can’t control. 

The influence of social media means that people are now closer to their major sources of depression than ever before. With most people constantly updating their lifestyle and showing how successful they’re becoming on the feeds and timelines, not being in the same perceived level of mates despite all hard work can create inferiority complex. You really can’t quantify the extent a person who feels inferior will go to liven up their ego.

Such a person is highly susceptible to easy manipulation with little to no persuasion. The reason is simple obviously. Having already diminished their worth in comparison to the more successful, engaging in shortcuts to roll with the big guys becomes a viable option. This is encouraged more by the assumption and belief that what they heard or saw of others wealth is true – that they got it through money ritual.

For such a person, they don’t listen to reason. Such a person doesn’t know what personal development curtails. Such a person won’t have the strength to build self or create wealth by being innovative even in the daily tasks they perform everyday. In their mind, it’s all a waste of time since (to them), it doesn’t change a thing.

They become set and fixate on making it big and instantly; then comes the lure. They become the victims of their quest eventually when they realize that reality is not set in fantasy land. It is reality for a reason, and wealth is acquired through offering of value.

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