Saturday Morning Reflections – 12th February, 2022

On the Need for Contentment – Garri, Sugar with Groundnut and Milk is Balanced Diet

Worrying is a typical human thing. Be it for what to eat, where to work or how to go about our daily activities, humans are always worrying. But, one should be wary of worrying too much about things lest they fell into the trap of constantly overthinking things.

Thinking about something a lot may make you loose the real deal if you are not working with a mind mapping tool. In other words, worrying is fueled by overthinking something beyond its normal limit and using abstract ideals to quantify what is physical.

What this does is to make you lose sight of realistic ways of dealing with whatever is the real cause of the worry.
Worrying a lot about things may lead to discontentment, especially if the source of worry is over something you lack physically, mentally or psychologically.

One of the best known ways to curtail excessive desires is to not want things you can’t afford yet. Focusing on the real needs saves costs while building up for futuristic interventions (which may or may not come to fruition per se).

A cut down on excessive desires will automatically shift focus to what is obtainable within the known strengths you already have. Desires fluctuates and is mostly influenced by the immediate surroundings. The inability to keep desires in check leads to obsessive tendencies or obsessions on things our material haves cannot satisfy.

To satisfy this urge, restraints may be thrown to the wind while caution is discarded as the obsessive tendencies on the desires encapsulates the individual, consuming them slowly until they meet their doom or satisfy the desire at the expense of their freedom.

This is why say that garri, sugar with groundnut and milk is balanced diet too. But even at this, milk may also be a luxury.

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