10 Brutal Ugly Truths of Life

Reality is what you make of it; after all, it’s all in your head. That notwithstanding, life goes on.

But, with life comes other comfortable and uncomfortable happenstances with far reaching consequences for individuals. Whatever you decide to call it, reality check is what it is.

1. Not all Relationships will Lead to Marriage

Self-interest rules from the beginning, and therefore it’s easy to estimate how things are likely to turn out except something exceptional alters that course. This is to say that people can always tell where a relationship will lead from the beginning unless they’re just exploring and casting a wide net.

The power of self awareness cannot be overstated or underestimated. Being self aware will always make you look out for your self-interest.

2. Personal Happiness is not Selfish

Admittedly, people do sacrifice their personal joy for the happiness of others. But, it’s not a bad idea to look out for yourself if you need to.

3. Stay Away from Incessant Serial Complainants

We may never understand the real angle of a personal complaint. But, if it starts becoming excessive, especially on things that are neglectable, it’s time to keep a distance.

Sooner or later, you are going to be part or object of the complaint to another jolly good listener of theirs.

4. If it will Cost your Mental Health, it’s already Expensive

Anything you are getting involved in that will cost your peace of mind is too expensive.

The question is, are you ready to take on the responsibility and bear the cost or will you swerve, reverse or trudge on?

5. Value Chain

Don’t be the only one who actually values the connection, it goes both ways. Ensure you are not the most invested if you are not hundred percent certain the other person (s) are.

Value must be appreciated accordingly and cherished or it goes to where it will receive same.

6. You don’t Have to be Liked by Everybody.

Take a kind look and do an introspection on yourself. You will realize that you don’t even like everybody and neither do you hate everyone.

7. Choose You Anyway

Others may get upset if you choose you over their mess. But, it doesn’t matter anyway, choose you.

As much as you would love to exercise your saviour personae, nothing is ever enough for some people. But, if you can circumvent their habitual missiles, fire on if you can help it.

8. Don’t be Afraid of Risks, You will only fail… Or succeed.

That move you are probably too scared to make may actually be the game changer you have been dreaming about your whole life.

Don’t let fear of failure keep you stuck in an uncomfortable comfort zone.

9. Which Version of your life makes you Very Proud of Yourself?

There is a version of you that has probably done a lot of things you are very proud of. I suggest you hold onto that self and make it better everyday.

10. So what they Left?

If their absence in your life brings you peace, you didn’t lose anything now, did you?

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