Amazon and Sony In Negotiations for Live Adaptation of “God of War” as TV Series

Following the massive successes enjoyed by video game franchises like “Ready Player One”, “The Witcher”, “Free Guy” and Sony’s blockbuster “Uncharted” in the big screen, plans are under way to extend same to the “God of War” video game.

According to reports, the popular gaming franchise is about to hit Amazon Prime Videos if negotiations go as planned. The highly acclaimed gaming franchise started its journey to universal acclaim and widespread acceptance back in 2005 on Sony’s PlayStation 2.

Since its launch, it has flourished over the years and developed into something of a household name among millennials and Gen Z’s.

The live action adaptation will see the franchise take same steps as “The Witcher”, another popular game adaptation that found massive success with Netflix starring Henry Cavil (Man of Steel).

The God of War series will explore Kratos and his adventures. The mythological aspects of the video game also offers a lot of directorial options and materials to work on.

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