Ukraine: Joe Biden warned NATO Expansion in the Baltic’s would Spark brutal war with Russia in 1997 (video)

During his time as a Senator, the current US supremo raised concerns about the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations (NATO) incursion into former Soviet countries. Speaking at event held by the Atlantic Council, NATO’s de facto think tank, the current US President said back then that –

“I think the one place where the greatest consternation would be caused in the short term, for admission – having nothing to do with the merit and preparedness of the countries coming in – would be to admit the Baltic states now, in terms of NATO-Russian, US-Russian relations,”

Joe Biden, US Senator, 1997.
Joe Biden, US President.

Notably, his concerns were reechoed by a former US ambassador to Russia, William Burns. Currently, William Burns is Joe Biden’s CIA director.

In 2008, WikiLeaks exposed a cable transmission where William Burns admitted that NATO expansion to Ukraine would result in a war with Russia and a civil war in Ukraine.

“Ukraine and Georgia’s NATO aspirations not only touch a raw nerve in Russia, they engender serious concerns about the consequences for stability in the region. Not only does Russia perceive encirclement, and efforts to undermine Russia’s influence in the region, but it also fears unpredictable and uncontrolled consequences which would seriously affect Russian security interests.

“Experts tell us that Russia is particularly worried that the strong divisions in Ukraine over NATO membership, with much of the ethnic-Russian community against membership, could lead to a major split, involving violence or at worst, civil war. In that eventuality, Russia would have to decide whether to intervene; a decision Russia does not want to have to face.”

The United States has banned Russian oil and gas and urge EU to do same as they mount more brutal economic war on Russia after it launched military actions in Ukraine.

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