Ukraine: Nearly 2 million people have fled Kyiv as Russian Forces Encircle Northeastern edge of city – Mayor

Russia may be on the offensive after reports of heavy fighting was reported last night. According to information from the city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, millions have fled the city as Russian Forces continue to advance further. He said –

From our information, one in two Kyiv residents has left the city,”

Vitali Klitschko told Ukraine television on Thursday.

The greater Kyiv area had an estimated population of 3.5 million people before the military crisis between the two nations led to full blown open confrontations from both sides.

The Mayor, Klitschko said they’re fighting to keep the city and have turned the greater Kyiv region into a fortress to halt Russia’s further incursion into the main city roads. He said – “every street, every building, every checkpoint has been fortified.”

Also, reports say that Russia is also making advancements in Kharkiv (East) and Mykolaiv (South) amidst hostile fighting.

The two warring neighbors have been at loggerheads since February with Zelensky’s government being accused of setting up military launch sites in civilian areas, an act which is believed to draw Russian airstrikes on such places.

Ukraine and the Kremlin are still in talks about stopping the incursions through a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russia’s military forces. However, the Kremlin is yet to shift ground on its earlier demands about Ukraine’s neutrality and acceptance of the Donbass regions as independent.

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