Ukraine: A powerful blow to Kiev as camouflaged military facility destroyed

The patrol police of Kyiv published a photo from the place of impact: on it is a charge-sleeve of a projectile from the most powerful artillery system in Ukraine 2S7 “Pion” of 203-mm caliber.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use these howitzers to shell the Russian-controlled outskirts of Kyiv.

Apparently, including ammunition for the “Peonies” were stored in a secret RAV warehouse on Podil, where the rocket landed.

Such warehouses are being created in besieged Kyiv in order to avoid destruction by strikes on military targets, as well as for the operational supply of troops in urban battles.

Also, eyewitnesses posted a video: unexpectedly, a second explosion thundered at the site of the impact, which speaks in favor of the version of the strike on the ammunition depot.

Video of Russian troops cruising from Crimea to Kherson in Ukraine as ruins lay sideways.

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